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Alvarado Optical Security Turnstiles

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Alvarado Supervisor 5000 Optical Turnstile


The Supervisor 5000 is the most beautiful, architecturally inspired, turnstile available. The SU5000's sleek lines and clear panels enhance any building lobby. Operationally, the SU5000 uses advanced optics and powerful and precise motorized barriers to deter unwanted visitors and quickly process personnel with a valid card or credential. The Supervisor 5000 is ETL Listed, one of few optical turnstiles fully certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory to the appropriate UL standard for barrier optical turnstiles.

The SU5000 is also an embedded IP-based device, which allows adjustment of core turnstile settings via a local and/or remote TCP/IP network session.

Alvarado Supervisor 3500 Optical Turnstile


The Supervisor 3500 barrier wing optical turnstile is ideally suited for upscale security applications. This model with its glass barriers is best for lobbies and other applications where a barrier is necessary but aesthetics are also important. The Supervisor 3500 incorporates the same features and options as the Supervisor 3000, including the option to remotely control the unit using the Gatekeeper software.

Alvarado Supervisor 3000 Optical Turnstile


Alvarado's Supervisor 3000 turnstile combines state-of-the-art bi-directional optical technology with motorized retracting barrier arms.

Designed for use with access control/identification systems, the attractively styled SU3000 offers three different operational modes, and includes intuitive illuminated card reader status displays for each direction of passage. Functionality and operational modes may be controlled with Alvarado's optional GateKeeper software.

Alvarado Supervisor 2000-MD Optical Turnstile


The Supervisor 2000-MD is ideally suited for installations where access control is needed, but a physical barrier is not desired. The barrier-free design utilizes optical sensors to monitor passage though the lane resulting in very high throughput rates. Integrated sensors monitor passage, detecting unauthorized access and “tailgating” behind the authorized user. The SU2000-MD can be easily integrated with most access control and safety systems.

Alvarado Supervisor SU2000-SM Optical Turnstile


The Supervisor 2000-SM is Alvarado’s thinnest barrier-free turnstile. Its compact form is well suited for applications where space is at a premium. Illuminated status lights on top of the cabinet and audible alerts convey lane status and alarm conditions while providing a clear direction to users. The SU2000-SM can be easily integrated with most access control and safety systems.