Detection Solutions

Smiths Detection X-ray Inspection Systems

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X-ray equipment suited to the screening of packages, briefcases, handbags, and other small items. Used in lobbies and other access areas. SecurMAR Security Checkpoint Solution

Shipping and Receiving Departments

X-ray screening systems for large packages, boxes, mail tubs, and pallets. Used in receiving departments, docks, and mail rooms.

Mobile X-ray Inspection Systems

Flexible X-ray inspection systems in transporters, vans, or trailers for use where fixed equipment is not possible.

Mail Rooms

X-ray machines for the safe and quick detection of dangerous objects in letters, parcels, packages and bags. Used in mail rooms, receiving departments and lobbies.

Freight and Cargo Inspection Areas

Universal X-ray systems for handling bulk items, such as pallets, with outstanding image quality. Total screening of bulky objects for nuclear facilities, airports, customs, carriers, parcel services, receiving departments, and high security situations.

Threat Analysis Consulting Services

Expert evaluation for security professionals screening packages in lobbies, courtrooms, jails, and points of critical infrastructure.