Manufacturer Relationships

SecurMAR provides a channel to market for manufacturers of security products. SecurMAR's excellent customer relationships are key to selling security solutions. By selling detection and protection solutions to target markets, SecurMAR brings multiple solutions to it customers. The opportunity to assist customers in their security program design provides multiple product sales.

Using SecurMAR as your channel to market will place your solution in front of many prospects. With SecurMAR's industry knowledge and customer relationships, you will be a step ahead of your competition. Customer satisfaction is important to SecurMAR, who supports customers for the lifetime of your product. Customer support leads to great customer satisfaction and future sales.

Download the SecurMAR brochure.

SecurMAR maintains contacts with

  • Federal, State and Local Government Agencies
  • Architectural and Engineering Firms
  • Security Consultants
  • Security System Integrators
  • General Contractors
  • Specialty Construction Material Suppliers
  • Nuclear Power Generating Facilities

SecurMAR already represents several security manufacturers. These manufacturers include:

Alvarado Manufacturing Logo Alvarado
Waist High Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles

Optical Turnstiles

Security Gates

CEIA-USA logo CEIA-USA Walk Through Metal Detectors

Hand Held Metal Detectors

Cell Phone Detectors

Par-Kut International Logo Par-Kut
Portable Steel Buildings

Smiths Detection Logo Smiths Detection Smiths Detection Heimann X-ray Inspection Systems

Smiths Detection Trace Detection

Smiths Detection People Screening Systems