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Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings


PK Standard

The simple, straight-forward design of the Par-Kut Standard model booth enables usage in a wide range of applications. Used in industrial, commercial, or government applications, the Standard is an economical fit for any budget. An endless list of options is available for you to customize your Standard. The Standard design is especially conducive to adding restrooms, stand or trailer mounts, ADA compliant features and bullet resisting construction.


Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings - Presidential Series

The elegant design of the Par-Kut Presidential series is ideal for the application where visual first impressions are critical. The standing seam metal hip roof best defines the Par-Kut Presidential. The raised rib exterior wall panels, Colonial-style window mullins, crown molding, and/or premium copper roof provide additional elegance. Appearance upgrades may include rooftop finials, tinted glass, and two-tone paint.


Par-Kut Parvue<sup>®</sup> model

Crisp, clean, architectural lines and the glass-to-glass corners of the Parvue equal an eye-pleasing design with proven functionality for a wide range of applications. With 360 degree visibility, the Parvue is the solution for high visibility locations where the objective is to “see and be seen.” The glass extends fully to the soffit, eliminating the header above the glass. The single or double roof fascia treatments conceal rooftop utilities.


Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings - Curvue Model

The rounded end construction of the Curvue provides an attractive complement to any contemporary setting. In addition to the roll formed ends, the wrap-around windows complement the booth while providing integral strength and improved visibility. The rounded ends make for a very “roomy” feel to the Curvue’s interior.


Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings - Centry Model

The Centry offers a refreshing alternative to the rectangular look of conventional booths. Stylish radius corners provide the desired curved look without sacrificing interior space. A top-hung steel door with hook bolt lock and radius-cornered canopy are standard; windows can be square cut or radius-cornered.


Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings - Quick-Ship Model

Quick-Ship booths are the solution for the immediate requirement for basic steel buildings of top quality construction. These just-in-time buildings have been fabricated and warehoused to be finished according to the final customer order. Options are limited to one of five paint colors, tinted glass, sliding transaction window, additional duplex outlets, air conditioning and heater upgrades. Most booths can be ready for shipment in 3-5 weeks, sometimes sooner. Quick Ship booths are the affordable and timely solution.


Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings - Bullet Resisting

Par-Kut builds the safest and most secure gate houses, guard shelters, inspection booths, and security checkpoints. Special security features are offered to keep personnel comfortable, as well as secure. Booths are available with bullet resisting construction to UL 752, Level .30 cal AP and .50 AP protection. Other security options include reflective glass, gun ports, security screens, intercoms, sliding windows, exterior lighting, and dimmable interior lights.


Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings - Blast Resisting

Blast Resistant Guard Houses can protect security personnel and other workers from being harmed by explosive devices and accidental blasts. High technology companies, chemical plants, oil refineries and governments are seeking to implement blast-resistant structures at their facilities and compounds in order to create a secure perimeter for security personnel, soldiers and workers. Whether your organization is looking to specify, budget for, or purchase, Par-Kut can offer you blast resistant guard booths and security buildings that will meet your site specific security needs completely to ensure maximum protection of your most important assets, your people. ParKut offers a broad line of guard houses that can be upgraded to blast resistant. Units can be tower mounted for extended visibility and can also include restrooms. Blast resistant guard houses are all pre-engineered and factory assembled.


Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings - Trailer Mounted Bullet Resistant Enclosures

High end mobile bullet resistant protection at it's finest. This 6' x 8' booth has UL level VIII protection covering all of the glazing, walls, door and floor. Trailer has dual axles designed to support the 5,000+ lbs load. Mounting a portable generator to the tongue of the trailer supplies the unit with a self sufficient power source or use the fishtail power cord when site service is available. Booth comes complete with work counter, lighting, outlets, and HVAC system.

Featured Applications:

  • Welded steel construction
  • Factory wired heat and light
  • Air conditioning
  • Bullet resistant to NIJ 4
  • Sliding gun ports
  • Gas or diesel generators
  • Standard hitch or pintle
  • Flat or peaked roof
  • Tint or mirrored glass

Other Applications:

  • Perimeter Towers
  • Sallypoint
  • Spent Fuel Security
  • In plant control rooms

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ar-Kut Portable Steel Buildings - Shelter

To achieve complete perimeter protection and achieve unobstructed sight lines, tower mounted enclosures offer security personnel protection from explosives and ballistic attack. Booths provide ballistic protection from 7.62mm ball, .30 cal. AP and .50 cal. AP. Supporting test documentation is provided to attest to the protective level and tests are conducted in accordance to UL 752 or NIJ standards. The enclosures and towers are designed resist the specified blast loads and provide the security personnel protection from the accompanying pressure rise. The booths are shipped preassembled with HVAC, electric and lighting, gun ports, etc. factory installed. Tower heights and galvanized stair configurations are designed to meet the customer’s requirements.


ar-Kut Portable Steel Buildings - Shelter

Par-Kut offers fully enclosed, all-steel preassembled shelters for every application. Each single unit shelter is completed with top-hung sliding doors, heat and insulation, and vandal resistant lights. Ventilation systems and benches are optional. Applications for fully enclosed shelters include transit, waiting, and smoke shelters. For an economical alternative, Par-Kut offers aluminum site-erected shelters.


Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings - Turnstile with Canopy

Par-Kut manufactures canopies for full-height turnstile applications. Turnstile canopies assist with perimeter security as well as provide protection from outdoor elements, such as rain and snow, for employees and visitors to your facility.

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