Industry Solutions

Nuclear Power

To maintain security in your facility, nuclear power facilities need to detect weapons and explosives before they enter without compromising throughput, as well as defend against threats if they enter the facility. Nuclear facilities need to have highly reliable systems to keep costs low and security high. SecurMAR offers a number of reliable security solutions for your facility without compromising efficiency or detection capability.

Courthouse/Government Buildings

Government buildings and courthouses perform a variety of functions. These buildings have demanding security requirements to ensure the safety of participants, employees and visitors. Solutions from SecurMAR can help to master these security and safety challenges.

Office Buildings

Office buildings have a tough job of securing the facility from threats while balancing a welcoming atmosphere for tenants and visitors. Threats enter through the lobby and through the mail room. SecurMAR offers different security equipment to detect threats and protect tenants.

Correctional Facilities

When securing correctional facilities, top priority is preventing weapons and contraband from entering the facility. These items enter the facility through the front door with staff and visitors as well as through the mail. SecurMAR offers different solutions to help increase the security at correctional facilities.